Sport coach
Yoga&Pilates teacher

Fitness is my passion for 16 years, which I share in the international market. I am Zen Yoga teacher (200YTT), certified fitness, Pilates and pre-/ postnatal instructor,
personal trainer, PAVIGYM Int.
Master Trainer.

Mental coach
Wellness coach

Relaxation techniques have always accompanied me in my work as well as in my hobby. I am graduate trainee of Relaxation Techniques at the Academy of Physical Education.
The ability to cope with stress through of work and body and mind is the key to achieving a balance.
I regularly offer private, individual sessions as well as company classes. Personal sessions are a great way to enjoy just the right kind of practice for you – where and when you want it. From mindfulness workshops to after – work yoga, I am experienced in tailoring the style and content to suit your needs as a group or individual.


I am a citizen of the world, I love contact with nature and other culture. Getting to know the new and traveling to the farthest corners is my method of relaxation. That is why a concept was created to organize retreats for people who like me love traveling and physical activity.